Are You Organized? # 1002

Name:___________________________________________ Date:_______________________________

Complete the checklist below to see how organized you are. See if you and your parents or teacher agree.

Almost Always


Almost Never


I remember to bring paper, notebooks, pencils, books, etc. to school each day.


I keep my school desk or locker neat.


I keep things in my book bag and notebook organized.


I keep my work in a folder or 3-ring binder.


I throw out papers that are old or unimportant.


I save papers in folders.


I have all the supplies I need for homework.

  8. I use a folder to store homework that is due.
  9. I keep track of my grades in each class.
10. I have enough time for homework and play.
11. I have a system for doing homework.
12. I write down my homework assignments.
13. I have a way to get homework if I am absent.
14. I know when and where I do my homework best.
15. I double-check my work.
16. I take breaks when I get tired.
17. I remember to take my homework to school.
18. I keep my room neat.

Count the number of ALMOST ALWAYS responses.

My score is___________

16-18 —Yes, my organization is superior!
13-15 —Okay, my organization is average and I can do better.
less then 15 —Uh oh, help me get better organized.

Adapted from Study Strategies for Early School Success by Sirotowitz, Davis & Parker. Specialty Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for use in your practice.