Homework Self-Check # 2020

Name:___________________________________ Date:_______________________________

Below is a checklist that describes seven steps for completing homework. Read each step and check the category ("Always or Usually", "Sometimes", or "Hardly Ever" which best describes how you do your homework.

Seven Steps to Successfully Completing Homework

Always or Usually


Hardly Ever



I write my homework assignments down every day and bring home everything I need to do my work.
. . .


When I can, I do my homework in the same place and at around the same time each day.
. . .


I start each homework assignment by first reading the directions carefully.
. . .


If I have a problem with an assignment, I know how to get help.

. . .


I know what to do to stay focused on my homework, and I take breaks when I need them.
. . .


I double-check my work to make sure it has been done correctly and completely.
. . .


Before leaving for school in the morning, I check to make sure I have my homework, and I turn it in to the teacher when it is due.
. . .

Which steps do you always or usually do? __________________________________

Which steps do you sometimes do?_______________________________________

Which steps do you hardly ever do? _______________________________________

Adapted from Study Strategies for Early School Success by Sirotowitz, Davis & Parker. Specialty Press, Inc. This form may be copied for use in your practice.