How to Build a Learning Station™ #2026

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We want to introduce you to the Learning Station™. The Learning Station has been developed by Dr. Sydney Zentall as a system to help you organize homework tasks. Research has shown that students improve in completing work when they use a Learning Station™.

The Learning Station is a three-sided, pegboard panel. Children place it on a desk in front of them as they complete work. It contains places in each of the three panels to hold supplies and materials. Work to be completed is placed in a folder in the left panel and moved to a folder in the right panel when finished.

The Learning Station™ also helps you practice how to break up homework time into work activities. After a certain amount of work is completed, the Learning Station™ is also a place where fun activities are available. Ask your parent or teacher to give you a supply of fun activities to keep at your Learning Station™.

Build a Learning Station™

You will need a three sided pegboard panel. Pegboard is sold in local hardware or lumber stores. Ask the store to cut three 16 inch square panels. The panels can be connected with small screws into hinges, two to a side, placed an equal distance from each other. If you are not mechanically inclined, the panels can be attached using strips of duct tape on front and back. Lay the three panels down on a flat surface. Tape one side extending the edges of the tape over and folding them back on the next side. Turn over and repeat the process. Although not as effective as hinges, duct tape will work. The board can be spray pained with a bright color of yourchoice. Add a mirror to the center panel and folders to the left and right panels to hold papers and fun activity sheets.

Adapted from Seven Steps to Homework Success by Zentall & Goldstein. Specialty Press. Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for use in your practice.