Homework! When and Where? # 2029


Name:_____________________________________ Date:_______________________

Find a study place at home that works best for you, but first answer these questions below.
HOW do I like to do my homework or study?
___ alone
___ with a friend
___ with my parents nearby

WHEN do I like to do my homework?
___ right after school
___ after I've had a snack
___ after I've had time to play or watch TV
___ after dinner
___ after my parents get home from work

WHERE do I like to do my homework or study?
___ in my room
___ in another room in my house where my family is
___ in a room near where my family hangs out
___ at a desk or table
___ on my bed
___ on the floor
___ wherever_________________________________________

Now that you know how, when, and where to study, it is time to get down to work.
Tip Make an "interruption free" rule during the time you are studying. No video games, phone calls, t.v., or music blasting!
Adapted from Study Strategies for Early School Success by Sirotowitz, Davis & Parker. Specialty Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for use in your practice.