Following Directions # 2031

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Read directions carefully before beginning work. When you read directions, it is important to pay attentiont to the "direction words" that tell you how to mark your answers. In the directions below underline the "direction words" that tell you how to mark your answers.

Example: Draw a box around the right answer.

1. Circle the verb in each sentence.
2. After reading each sentence, write the letter "P" if the underlined word in the sentence is a noun.
3. Write a sentence for each spelling word.
4. Draw a picture of a man wearing a blue baseball cap.
5. List five things you like to do on a vacation.
6. On this quiz, match the vocabulary word with the right definition.
7. Color all the circles blue and all the squares red.
8. There are five misspelled words in the following paragraph. Underline each of them.
9. When you have finished your spelling work, copy the math problems in your notebook.
10. When checking your work, cross out any mistakes with one line so your papes will look neat.

Adapted from Study Strategies for Early School Success by Sirotowitz, Davis & Parker. Specialty Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for use in your practice.