Proofreading Your Work # 2040

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You can often find mistakes when you proofread your work. When you proofread, you read over your written work to make certain everything is written correctly. You check your spelling, make sure you used the right words to express your thoughts, and check your punctuation (use of commas, periods, apsotrophes, etc.)

The story below contains 10 mistakes. Circle each mistake that you can find and make the correction next to it.

You may have seen pictures or movies of comets revolving around the sun. Nothing, however, can compare to seeing a comet with your own eyes as it glides past the sun

For many years, people were scared of comets because they didn’t know what they were? We now no that they are like huge snowballs made of ice and dust that hurl through space.

Unlike snowballs that you randomly toss around with your friends, the paths of comets are predictable. the work of Sir Isaac newton and Edmond Halley allowed scientists to predict when comets, like Halley’s Comet, would pass close buy our way.

The portion of the comet that we can see in the sky is actually the tale , not the body of the comet. Their are actually too types of comet tails. One is made of gas and the other of dust. The next time a comet comes passing through our skies, try to get out and view it. You wont’ be sorry.

Adapted from Study Strategies for Early School Success by Sirotowitz, Davis & Parker. Specialty Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for use in your practice.