Daily Report Card—Primary Version # 3001

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The Daily Report Card Program-Primary Version is useful for children in preschool and kindergarten. It is a daily report card that targets three classroom behaviors. The student is evaluated once per day or multiple times per day. For once-a-day ratings use the form below with the days of the week in the header boxes. For multiple ratings each day, use the form below with the times of day in the header box. Multiple daily ratings are often better than once-a-day ratings as it gives the opportunity for more frequent reinforcement. Teachers can increase the reinforcement schedule even more by shortening time periods between ratings.

1. Paid attention          
2. Played nicely          
3. Followed rules          
Teacher's Initials          
1 = Try Harder                2 = Better        3 = Great Job

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Adapted from ADAPT: Attention Deficit Accommodation Plan for Teaching (ADAPT): Student Planbook by Harvey C. Parker. Specialty Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for use in your practice.