Anger Management: Identifying Thoughts and Feelings that Lead to Anger # 4300



Anger can often be the result of how we think or feel about a situation or an event. Use the chart below to understand thoughts or feelings that may have caused you to become angry. The first row is filled in for you with an example of how thoughts and feelings can lead to anger. Fill in the other rows.
My Thoughts and Feelings That Lead to Anger

my thoughts about the event
my feelings about
the event
my reaction
I was looking forward to watching my favorite t.v. show, but when I got home my brother started to fight with me and my mother punished both of us. I wasn't allowed to watch t.v.
I thought—"This isn't fair. Why did this happen? Nothing is going right today. My brother should be punished, not me!" I felt angry at my brother and my mother. I lost my temper. I yelled at my mother that she wasn't fair. I hit my brother. I ran into my room and slammed the door. I got into worse trouble.
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