Changing Angry Thoughts to Calm Thoughts # 4301



You can control anger by thinking calm thoughts rather than angry thoughts. Below are some examples of calming thoughts. Read them and then in the rows below, write the situations you did in exercise #4300 and replace your angry thoughts with a new thought that you could use to calm down. Then write what your reaction would be.
"Stay calm. It was just an accident."
"Relax and count to ten. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ..."
"I better walk away so I don't get mad."
"Take a few deep breaths and relax."
"Getting mad will only make things worse. I should calmly talk about my feelings."
Talk Yourself into Calming Down
things I could say to myself to stay calm
what would my reaction be if I changed my thoughts
I was looking forward to watching my favorite t.v. show, but when I got home my brother started to fight with me and my mother punished both of us. I wasn't allowed to watch t.v.
I should apologize to my mother and explain what happened. I would focus on solving the problem by trying to explain to my mother what happened.
This form may be copied for personal use in your practice.