Do's and Don'ts of Managing Conflicts # 4305



When two or more people have different beliefs or attidudes about something, conflict can occur. For example, Josh and Jeff are planning to go to a movie together on Saturday. Josh wants to see one movie and Jeff wants to see another. Depending on how they handle this difference, conflict can occur.
Do's and Don'ts of Handling Conflict

Explain how you feel in a calm voice.
Raise your voice or shout.
If the other person doesn't seem to understand what you are saying, repeat yourself in a calm voice.
 Become impatient and angry.
Keep a smile on your face whenever possible.
 Have an angry look on your face.
Think about the other's person's point of view. Give it serious consideration before responding.
Interrupt or become angry if the other person has a different opinion than you do. 
Help the other person know that you understand his/her opinion.
 Only consider your opinion.
Focus only on the present situation. Don't bring up the past. Stay with the current problem and try to solve it.
Talk about past conflicts or arguments you have had with the other person to convince them that they are wrong and you are right.
Use "soft" words like: "maybe," "possibly," "I think,", "perhaps," etc.
Use "hard" words like: "definitely," "always," "never,", "I know," etc.
Talk in a positive way. Compliment the other person. Keep a good sense of humor.
Talk negatively. Accuse the other person of lying, exaggerating, not knowing what they're talking about, etc.
Have friendly "body language." Smile, make eye contact, speak softly.
Avoid the other person's eyes. Look away when you are talking. Fold your arms. Shake your fists. Shout.
Find a way to compromise so that each person is satisfied. Find the weaknesses of the other person and try win them over without giving an inch.
Stay objective. Try to solve the problem or conflict in a fair way. Don't take criticism personally. If the other person has a different opinion than you do, take it as an insult and insult them back.
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