Using Self-Talk to Manage Problems # 4306

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Aruguing Happy Nervous Sad Crying
When something goes wrong it is normal to become frustrated and to react in different ways. For example, if you did your homework and couldn't find it when the teacher asked you to turn it in, you might feel puzzled, upset, sad, or mad. The things we say to ourselves when something goes wrong can cause us to react in different ways.
Self-Talk Activity

Pretend each of the situations below happened to you. Think about the different things you could say to yourself about each situation that could lead you to feel or act in certain ways. You could do this as a group activity by cutting out these strips and handing them to different people in the class (or family) to see how other people think about these situations.
Another student walked by my desk and accidently knocked my books on the floor.
Kids in my neighborhood were going to hang out and do something but didn't invite me along.
My older sister teases me.
My parents said I couldn't do what I want.
I was supposed to go on a family vacation but it got cancelled due to bad weather.
I don't understand the math homework no matter how hard I try.
I left my social studies book in school and I have a big test tomorrow that I have to study for.
Almost everyone in the class got invited to another student's birthday party except me.
One of the kids in my class keeps picking on my friend.
The teachers gave us way too much homework.
Created by Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D. Copyright 2004. This form may be copied for use in your practice.