Examples of Calming and Upsetting Self-Talk # 4307

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Below are some examples of problem situations. In the last column are examples of self-talk that can calm you down. In the center column, write an example of self-talk that could cause you to get upset about the situation.
Problem Situation
Upsetting Self-Talk
Calm Self-Talk
I lost my wallet.
"Things could be worse. I will just have to get a new one when I go to the store."
I didn't get invited to go to the movies with some of my friends.
"I can ignore it. I have other friends to hang out with."
There's a big math test tomorrow and I don't understand the work.
"If I get a bad grade I will study harder next time. It's not the end of the world!"
My brother got a raise in his allowance and I didn't.
"No big deal. Things can't always be fair. I can handle it.
Samantha bumped into me and made me fall.
"Chill out. She didn't do it on purpose. Forget about it."
I didn't understand the social studies homework.
"I can ask the teacher tomorrow. It's not so bad."
I have to get my mother a present but I don't know what to get and her birthday is in a few day.
" Stay calm. Instead of worrying, I can think of some solutions to this problem."
This party is going to be boring.
"I can leave anytime I want to. I can just call my parents to pick me up."
I am late for class and the teacher will be mad.
"I will apologize and explain why I was late. I hope he will understand."
Jason keeps picking on me. .aa "I can ignore him and walk away."
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