Managing Research Projects # 6015

Name:___________________________________ Date:____________________________

Managing long-term projects such as research reports requires some advanced planning. Projects can often be broken down into steps and you can make a timeline to indicate when each step will be completed. Below are the steps students often take in completing a research project.

Steps to Manage Research Projects

STEP 1: Determine exactly what your teacher expects.
  • Name of project:____________________________
    Is the report to be delivered as an oral report? _____

    If so, how many minutes?_____

    Is the report to be delivered in writing? _____

    If so, how many pages? _____ Typing required?____

    What formatting is required for a written report?
    ____________________________________ __

  • What other requirements are there?

  • When is the project due?_______________

  • What grade would you like to earn?_____

STEP 2: Choose a topic.

  • If you are given a choice of topics select the one that interests you the most and for which there are sources of information available. Date to be accomplished:__________

  • Do some preliminary research before you make a final decision on your topic. Date to be accomplished:__________

  • Select the topic based on your preliminary research. Date to be accomplished:__________

  • Collect information sources such as magazines, newspaper articles, books, reference books, periodicals, etc. Date to be accomplished:__________

  • Skim through the information you have collected and narrow the topic down. Date to be accomplished:__________

STEP 3: Prepare a draft copy.
  • Think of as many subtopics as you can as you read your sources. Select three or four of the most interesting and important ones. Date to be accomplished:__________

  • Write a thesis statement—a sentence that states your central theme and what you will say or prove about your topic. Date to be accomplished:_________

  • Prepare an outline that will lead to your draft copy. There should be several sections, depending on the teacher's requirements: introduction (with thesis statement), heading one (with details), heading two (with details), heading three (with details), summary and conclusions. Date to be accomplished:__________

  • Write information from sources on note cards. Date to be accomplished:__________

  • Sort the note cards according to your outline and write a first draft copy including the bibliography.Date to be accomplished:________
STEP 4: Write the final report.
  • Read your first draft copy. Check if you have said what you wanted to. Does it prove your point? Are your facts correct? Does it flow logically? Date to be accomplished:_______

  • Check for mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Date to be accomplished:_______

  • Rewrite the first draft copy making a second draft copy. Date to be accomplished:_______

  • Ask a parent, relative, or friend to look over the second draft copy for any mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation and to see if the report flows logically. Date to be accomplished:________

  • Write your final copy and include all visual aids (i.e., charts, illustrations, etc.) and a cover sheet. Date to be accomplished:_______