Paraphrasing # 7009

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Paraphrasing is a powerful way for you to check your understanding of anything that you read.

Directions: Read the selection “The Blind Do Dream.” Then write your answers for Exercise 1 on the lines below.

Exercise 1

1. Read the title and/or heading to find who or what the passage is about. That is the topic.

2. Read the first two sentences of the first paragraph to find what the author is telling about the topic. This is the main idea..

3. Read the rest of the paragraph to find the details about the main idea that will answer the questions of where, when, why and how. These are the supporting details of the main idea..

4. Think of the information from steps 1 - 3. Say it aloud in your own words. This is paraphrasing.

5. After completing Exercise 1, do Paraphrasing Exercises 2 and 3 on Tool 7010.

                  The Blind Do Dream

Blind people do dream, they just dream differently than sighted people do. For instance, a person who was born blind sees nothing in his dreams. However, his dreams do have sounds and feelings. On the other hand, a person who goes blind later in life can see in his dreams. His brain recalls how the world looks and can even make new pictures based upon his memory. From what blind people tell us, their dreams of sounds and feelings tell stories that are as real as the sighted person's dreams of pictures.

Main Idea: ____________________________________________________________________

Supporting Details:


Paraphrase: ___________________________________________________________________:
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