Paraphrasing Exercises # 7010

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Directions: Read the selection below. Then write your answers for the paragraphs on the lines below.

                                                              Spoken Language
One of the oldest ways of keeping records is through spoken language. Since man first learned to speak, parents have taught their children the ways of their culture through speech. Stories have been orally passed down through the generations in every culture. In Africa, kings had “rememberers,” court officers whose job it was to know the names and deeds of the king's ancestors. Though we lose some of the oral history as time goes by, spoken language is still a rich way for people to record that they were in the world.


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Beware of Your Perfume
Animals use many forms of communication, and the release of scent is a strong one. Although the most
well-known example is the scent used by the skunk to frighten off predators, some odors are used to attract other animals. To let nearby males know that they are ready to mate, females release an odor called pheromones. Males of the species are attracted to the smell and respond immediately. The human species has taken a cue from nature by using pheromone fragrances in women’s perfumes such as musk. Although women may wear perfume for their own olefactory pleasure, the woman wearing this perfume should not be alarmed if a love-sick alligator follows her home!


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