For the dozen or so years that I've been providing developmental pediatric care, I've been wishing for a centralized system that would expedite the exchange of rating scale information. MyADHD.COM has done it elegantly, and added so much more. Many thanks.
Dorothy D. Johnson, MD, FAAP, Diplomate in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Tucson, AZ

Your site is everything I ever dreamed could be in place to assist parents, teachers and clinicians to collaborate in the optimal use of medication for childhood ADHD and more.
Majbritt Reugebrink
Principal Policy Officer, Disability Services Queensland, Australia
DipT, BEd, MEd, GCert Public Sector Management, PhD Candidate (QUT)

Very valuable tool in the evaluation and treatment process of ADHD management. I have suggested it to many other physicans and staffers.
J. Mike White, M.D., Cleburne, Texas

I find is very good at helping me get timly feedback from teachers. I especially like to be able to get information to compare baseline to medication comparisons.
Roger C. Gronau, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Beloit, Wisconsin

I've been in private practice as a Medical Psychotherapist for over 20 years. While I have had access to much of the information prior to using, life has become much easier because it is now all in one place. This has been an invaluable asset to my practice as it is a big time saver. Thank you!
Regina M. Cashman, M.A, A.B.M.P.D. Medical Psychotherapist, Stamford, Connecticut

For someone working in the Middle East as a volunteer in the field of special education it is a wonderful resource to have when generally resources are hard to come by. The tracking tools are a valuable tool and the only section I do not really use is posting scales online as this is not a custom people are used to here, and not all have internet facilities. Thanks for great website.
Volunteer working in the Middle East

An innovative and accessible toolbox that solves the age-old problem of linking families of children with ADHD with their health care providers and educators.
Leo Christie, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jacksonville, Florida

There is so much misinformation in the world today about ADHD and it's good to be able to have a reliable resource to go to for information and help when you need it.
Connie Beaulieu, Georgia

As a person with ADHD, and as a Ph.D. student and educator, I find this site to be extremely informative, current, and progressive...The dividing of the tools into categories helps the user pinpoint exactly what their needs are in order to help themselves and others.
M. P., Torrance, CA

I would like to share with you my experience with your website, I am a psychologist in private practice and have been diagnosing and treating children (and adults more recently) with ADHD and related conditions. One of the most important pieces of a comprehensive diagnosis is to obtain information from parents and from teachers in a structured, and effective manner. In the past, I have found some difficulty in sending and in receiving forms from parents and from teachers due to the time involved, and the paper work needed for such data collection. However, I have received positive feedback from teachers and from parents regarding the forms being sent via Internet. I also receive the information a lot quicker, and the self-scoring scales have been very practical for my work. Not only that, but I also intend to use your weekly forms to keep track of patients' improvement as well as side effects in using medications. I will receive feedback from teachers and from parents often, and in an organized manner, thanks to your website and its tools.

In addition, I have found that your website is very professional, ethical, and it provides up to date information to parents, health professionals, and educators. I only hope that other professionals will start using your website for education, information gathering, and support in their work.

Finally, I am glad to hear that your website is in agreement with the HIPPA laws, since this ensures that confidentiality is maintained when information is exchanged via the Internet.

I appreciate your work, and admire you for contributing to the area of ADHD and related conditions with your new website.
Vera Joffe, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Coral Springs, Florida

I am a mother with ADHD and have 4 children. Three of them have ADHD. has answered the question ''Do I have the condition and how can I help other adults discover if they have it too? '' The link was emailed to me by my psychologist and now I have subscribed. I can send tracking assesments directly to her. I am very grateful for this help line as in the UK there is little support or info for adults with ADHD and it remains a taboo subject.Thank you.... R. M. Surrey, UK.

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