Daily Report Card #3003

Name:_______________________________                 Date:___________________________

Teacher:________________________                             School:____________________________

The Daily Report Card, useful for children in grades one through eight. The program targets five classroom behaviors. The student is evaluated several times per day either by subject, activity, period, or teacher. Enter this information on the top row (period #, subject name, or teacher name).

TARGET BEHAVIORS (enter teacher or subject in each box)        
1. Paid attention in class          
2. Completed work in class          
3. Completed homework          
4. Was well behaved          
5. Kept desk and notebook neat          
Teacher's Initials          
N/A = not applicable 0 = losing, forgetting or destroying card 3 = Fair
1 = Poor 4 = Good
2 = Needs improvement 5 = Excellent

Teacher's Comments:

Parent's Comments:

Adapted from ADAPT: Attention Deficit Accommodation Plan for Teaching (ADAPT): Student Planbook by Harvey C. Parker. Specialty Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for personal use by active members of myADHD.com. For further information refer to: www.myADHD.com.

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