Matching Your Interests and Career Choice—Job Activities # 9003

In her book, Finding a Career that Works for You, Wilma Felman helps readers identify their interests before choosing a career. Fellman states that, in general, jobs fall into one of six interest clusters (or may be a blend of more than one). This tool, in addition to a few others from her book (Tools # 9002 and 9004), will help you think about your interests as you plan your career.
Job Activities
From the list below, check off the type of job activities that would interest you most.
working with my hands
building things
fixing things
solving problems
expressing myself
being artistically creative
helping others
teaching others
managing others
selling products or services
making a lot of money
persuading others
doing office work
promoting a product or service
processing data
keeping records
taking risks
organizing information
being a leader
learning new things
working at my own pace
making decisions
competing with others
working with a team
working with animals
growing plants, fruits, vegetables
writing stories
working on a computer
planning events
writing ads
operating machinery
making speeches
writing technical material
writing creatively
working regular hours
being outdoors
promoting a service
selling merchandise
traveling often
raising money for charitable organizations
other ___________________
speaking a foreign language
other ______________________
other ______________________
other ______________________
From: Finding a Career That Works for You by Fellman. Specialty Press, Inc. All rights reserved. This form may be copied for personal use by active members of For further information refer to:

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