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If you are an adult and you are undergoing an assessment for ADHD or have been diagnosed with ADHD the tools available in MyADHD.com can help you. Healthcare professionals can use the assessment and tracking tools to assist them in recognizing ADHD symptoms and diagnosing ADHD.
If you are already familiar with these tools and you have logged in as a Premium Subscriber you can go right to the MY CONTROL PANEL to send and receive assessment and tracking toos. If you would like to access these tools, click here to register and then purchase a subscription.

Assessment Tools™

The Assessment Tools section contains a history form to be used with adults suspected of having ADHD, ADHD rating scales for you and others who know you well to complete, and social skills checklists. Your healthcare professional can use these scales, along with other information gathered through a clinical interview and other methods of assessment, to appropriately evaluate adults suspected of having ADHD. Keep in mind that ADHD is one of many factors that can cause people to develop problems with focus and self-control. A comprehensive assessment can enable a trained healthcare professional to make an accurate diagnosis.

Treatment Tools™

Treatment Tools are programs designed to teach specific skills to improve behavior, socialization or performance in school or in the workplace. Treatment tools for adults include career planning worksheets, budgeting and organizational strategies, information on cognitive behavior therapy for treatment of anxiety, depression, and self-control, medication worksheets, and problem solving activity forms.

Tracking Tools™

Tracking Tools are brief forms, checklists and rating scales designed to monitor the progress of those receiving treatment for ADHD. Healthcare professionals may request that an adult with ADHD or someone who regularly observes that person's behavior complete one or more Tracking Tools to evaluate progess. Treatments and interventions can then be adjusted to achieve maximal improvement.

Library Tools™

Contained among the Library Tools are scientific articles, past issues of myADHD.com News, and other resources that can be used to gain a better understanding of ADHD.

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